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//Cara Wood — Quispamsis, NB

Cara Wood — Quispamsis, NB

“About two years ago I ended up in the hospital. I went to get up and I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other. I was dizzy, having trouble walking, vision problems, you name it. They had an ENT come in, and they diagnosed me with bilateral vestibular loss. Your vestibular system is in your inner ear. It keeps you standing up, it keeps your eyes in focus… It’s connected through your eyes, your ears, your neck, the muscles in your calves, through your ankles, etc. I have severe damage in both ears and have to do intense balance physio 3 times a day, just for my brain to learn how to compensate. I had to learn how to basically stand up, walk to the sink and do dishes. I couldn’t even do that, it would make me so sick.”

I’ve been taking Karen Phytoplankton for 8 months after hearing about it through Facebook.

My energy level was horrible since having this problem…just to get up and do physio was exhausting, and what a difference the phytoplankton has made. The next day after getting it (Karen) I noticed the energy level increase. As time went by, it got even better, which made it much easier for me to push myself to do that physio.

The symptoms that I had were; ear pressure that would switch from side to side. I had face numbness on the left side of my face, a burning sensation in my left ear that would go down my neck, and another thing was my right leg. From the knee down, it felt like it didn’t even exist. All related to the vestibular problem. Since taking Karen, within a couple of weeks I no longer had a problem with my leg. I have no numbness in my face. I do not get the burning sensation down my neck. The pressure in my ear and head is a lot better. I don’t get the fl are-ups that I had before. It has really done a lot for me. It’s been amazing for me. I could sit here and cry about it for hours because it’s just so amazing. I wish people would give it more of a chance. I took me longer than three months to see all of this. I still deal with symptoms, but that’s just part of it. The phytoplankton has given me the energy to keep pushing, and has helped with the inflammation, my leg… I don’t get the aches now, I sleep better, I feel calmer.

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