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//Andrea Dingee, Lutes Mountain, NB

Andrea Dingee, Lutes Mountain, NB

“Hi there, I wanted to take a minute to say how much success I have had with Karen Phytoplankton so far. I bought it as a friend of mine highly recommended it. I have Costochondritis and IBS, and I have seen a huge improvement in both.

I used to experience numbness in both my hands while I slept and this has disappeared. My sleep is SO much better, and I wake feeling rested in the morning. I have much more energy throughout the day. My husband actually commented last week that I seem much happier and well rested in the AM, and throughout the day! I just bought my second bottle, hoping for continued success! I would experience pain, like a tight band around my chest, that would sometimes travel down my arm.

My naturopath figured out that it was Costochondritis. It flares up when I’m stressed or anxious. I was having a bad fl are up when I started taking the phytoplankton, and within about a week of taking it, it totally subsided”

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