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Tablet & Lotion Bundle

Tablet & Lotion Bundle


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Our bundle includes a pack of Karen  tablets and lotion.

Tablets are  convenient and economical way to take your Karen Phytoplankton.  Also a perfect option for people who are not a fan of the taste of the pure powder. Just one a day to start your day and then you are on

With Karen lotion your skin will feel smoother and more hydrated than ever before, thanks to the power of Phytoplankton.

FREE 250mL Karen® Moisturizing Lotion with every purchase

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Karen Phytoplankton is the brand that has successfully been distributed in all the major pharmacies and hundreds of health food stores across Canada and is known as being a #1 seller with a loyal and vocal customer base.

Bio availability

Bio availability is the way a substance is absorbed into our body. When a substance is administered intravenously its bio availability is said to be 100% which means 100% of the substance is “available” to our body.

We believe that due to its microscopic size — being just one single cell — Karen® Phytoplankton can be absorbed into your body’s blood stream immediately even though it’s taken orally.

This gives it a high bio availability. Nutrients are “available” to your body immediately, making it extremely effective in promoting and maintaining good health.

You are what you eat

Adding the proper types of nutrition to your daily life will help balance your mind,  body, and soul. Staying healthy doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the product of healthy habits practiced everyday.

The nutritional content of what we eat determines the composition of our cell membranes, bone marrow, blood, and hormones.

Consider that the average adult loses roughly 300 billion cells to old age every day and must replace them. Our bodies are literally manufactured out of the food we consume.

Lotion Benefits

Say bye-bye, to itchy and red skin!

The deep hydration provided by this unique formula relieves itching and redness due to dryness and improves the softness and texture of your skin. Its fluid and light texture is absorbed quickly and can be used on your whole body, including face and hands. Using Karen® Moisturizing Lotion as the only treatment, a clinical study found improvements of up to 95%*

Our unique phytoplankton extract is formulated by 5 phytoplankton varieties.

Each variety has its functions and gives us special benefits.

Use Karen Moisturizing lotion on:

  • Legs
  • Feet and heels
  • Before or after a day at work on your hands
  • Places where you have wrinkles
  • Stubborn skin conditions that you have tried everything else on.

A first of it’s kind. Hydrate you skin with the power of nutrition. Not just any nutrition, but the foundation of all nutrition.

Your skin is your biggest organ and needs nutrition just like your body. Can you eat Shea Butter? Maybe…but we do know you can eat Phytoplankton.

Put Karen Phytoplankton lotion to the test and see why many customers around North America say it’s the best.

That’s what allows us to offer you 7 results:

  • Bioactive Capacity
  • Antioxidant Capacity
  • Hydration
  • Angiogenesis (Formation of new blood vessels)
  • Regeneration & Cell Proliferation
  • Collagen Promoter
  • Regulator of Apoptosis (Apoptosis is the death of cells)

Money-Back Guarantee

30-day Money Back Guarantee

We invite you to Use Karen® Phytoplankton as directed for 30 days, and if it doesn’t work for you simply return the bottle – even if its empty – and we’ll give you a complete refund.

As most customers find out; Phytoplankton is Everyone is built differently and has different genetics. We cannot promise a particular timeline when you will see results. From experience, most people’s bodies can communicate with the mind in 30 days if this is what they were looking for or not. Do keep in mind from time to time people have started to see the results they were looking for after 2 months.

Shipping Policy

Please ensure the address information is correct including apartment or suite number if applicable. Any charges related to undeliverable mail and reshipping of the product will be the responsibility of the customer.

Ocean Friendly

Do not worry, Karen® Phytoplankton is not being taken from the ocean.

The purest forms of phytoplankton (like our Karen® Pure Marine Phytoplankton) are grown sustainability in specialized labs, rather than taking it straight from the ocean.

This allows scientists to maximize the levels of potent photo-chemicals, avoid heavy metal contamination, and of course to protect our oceans.

Karen® for good health is made with 100% Gaditae™, an ancient strain, comparable to an heirloom seed. The growing process takes place under the highest levels of food safety standards in a state of the art facility in Cadiz, Spain.

This method protects the efficacy of our products and help maintain the same level of nutrients in each phytoplankton product you buy.